Results & Testimonials

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"OHP provides a critical service to our extremely high need students in a way that overcomes the typical barriers for parents and families. This program is the only access that many of the families I work with have to dental care and prevention services. All the parents I talk to appreciate OHP and the care provided, and all the people at school do as well! This critically important partnership is key to our students' well-being and success."
Emily Jahnke, Nicolet Elementary School Social Worker

"As a school social worker in the district, I worked with the OHP to begin a universal toothbrushing program at two high poverty elementary schools. At first the teachers were skeptical, since gums bleed and it can be messy. Before long the teachers noticed the improvement in attendance, improved health and compliance of the children in following the daily brushing routine. As a result of the initiatives of the OHP we have also received matching dental supplies from a local dentist so that we can provide toothbrushing supplies for free for the whole family and ensure follow through in the home. Maintaining excellent oral health is now an integrated activity in our daily school routine."
Anne Tobias Becker, School Social Worker

"OHP has been such a blessing to the students I work with here at West High. Not only has OHP been there to support students with dental emergiencies but has also reached out to provide preventive services (something that many of our students do not have access to). Thanks again, OHP."
Michael Bauer, MSW, West High School Social Worker

"The Oral Health Partnership has done amazing things with our school (The Early Learning Center). They have provided all the supplies for the brushing program, done multiple visits to do cleanings and on-site dental work, and worked hand-in-hand with the social workers to arrange for more extensive work for students in their clinics and hospitals. Many of these young children (ages 4 and 5) have poor oral health and limited knowledge as to the dangers of poor dental care. Many have never had a dental cleaning in their life. The Oral Health Partnership has a talent for calming young first-time students and even provided us with Spanish speaking staff to converse with our students and make them more at ease. At my other school, they provided new toothbrushes to all the 4K students for the "All About ME" unit, where self-care and hygiene topics are addressed. They truly have done amazing things for our community!"
Heather Witzke, Early Learning Center School Social Worker